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3D Printer Enclosure Used for TL-D6, Keep Warm, Flame Retardant, Full Coverage, and a Studio, Warm Studio, 120cm*100cm*120cm

3D Printer Enclosure Used for TL-D6, Keep Warm, Flame Retardant, Full Coverage, and a Studio, Warm Studio, 120cm*100cm*120cm

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Our longest LED is the MAX LED, which is 71cm in length. It can be placed into the Warm Studio Enclosure, but can only be fixed at one end. Buy it here if you want it,

MAX LED Used for Creality Big Enclosure

Why no button battery?
Because DHL UPS Fedex and other air couriers refuse to accept goods with batteries for safety reasons, we can only send batteries by special courier.
You can buy AG13 or LR44 batteries in your local area, or you can buy batteries separately at, and we will send them to you through special courier.

Separate AG13/LR44 battery

AG13 button cell battery for warm 3d printer enclosure
A set of spare thermometer hygrometer *1 piece and AG13 button battery *1 piece

Thermometer Hygrometer with a Spare Button Battery Used for Warm/Creality 3D Printer Enclosure


New upgrade
1. All Velcro to Zipper
The Velcro at all openings is upgraded to zippers for easier sealing

2. New Wire Hole
Add an outlet on the back, which can be tightened to seal

3. T&H Display
Add temperature and humidity display on the front to observe the status of the printing environment in real time

4 Large Openable Windows, Touch 3D Printer from any Side, LED to Choose, Get a Studio at Same Time, Additional Front Window Insulation Layer Makes your 3D Printer Warmer, Born for the Enclosure, without any Holes, warmer and warmer...

Used for TL-D6


Model Warm Studio
Warranty 3 Years
Craft Flame Retardant Aluminum Foil
Color Black
Storage Size W116.5cm×D96.5cm×H116.5cm
Overall Dimensions W120cm×D100cm×H120cm
Occupy Space W121.5cm×D101.5cm×H121.5cm
Item Volume - liters/- gallons
Package Size 63cm×24cm×16cm
Iron Pipe OD Φ 16mm/0.63“
Net Weight 4.5kg/- lbs
Gross Weight 5kg/- lbs

Optional LED

Input Power: 100V~240V AC 50-60Hz

Operating Voltage: DC 12V 3A

Maximum Power: 36W

Photography Studio Capabilities: Good, with White Background Cloth

Brightness Mode: 3 (Warm Light, White Light, Warm Light + White Light)

Adjustable Brightness Level: 

 Warm Light White Light Warm Light + White light
10 10 13
Up Down On/off Model M

Function: Constant Temperature/Sound Insulation/Dustproof

  • 4 Large Openable Windows
    Touch 3D Printer from any Side, allow you to operate the 3D printer from all directions as you like
    • Additional Front Window Insulation Layer
    Makes your 3D Printer Warmer, Close it to get better heat preservation effect, open it to see the printing situation clearly
    • LED for Selection
    Get a Studio at Same Time, Say goodbye to the dark operating environment
    • Get a Studio
    If you choose a model with LED, you can immediately change it to a studio to take professional photos
    • Fireproof and Waterproof
    Meet the fire protection standard of GB/T 5455-2014, making high temperature work safer
    • 3 Year Warranty
      Longer life than some 3D printers, and can be used as cloth storage cabinets when not in use
      • Why no Holes?
      Born for the Enclosure without any Holes, warmer and warmer... 
      • Want More Shiny?

      Choose a model with LED

      • Easy to Assembled 

      No tools, five minutes to assemble by hand, don’t forget to press the frame from all directions


      Packing List 

      No. Item Quantity
      1 660mm Iron Pipes 4 pcs
      2 710mm Iron Pipes 4 pcs
      3 860mm Iron Pipes 4 pcs
      4 Tee Connector 8 pcs
      5 Folding Shed 1 set
      6 User Manual 1 set

      Optional LED

      No. Item Quantity
      LED Light
      1 set
      1 set
      Photography Background Cloth 1 set

      Download Manual here

      Warm 3D Printer Enclosure Manual for Creality 3D Printer.pdf

      Warm 3D Printer Enclosure Manual
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