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Tenlog DMP 7-axis 32-bit Motherboard Marlin 2.0 with Wi-Fi for TL-D3/D5/D6

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LCD (Only SN: TJC4827X243_011_P02 Works)
1. The main chip is upgraded from 8 bit to 32 bit, and the printer runs more smoothly!
2. The 32 bit motherboard supports wifi, and the printer can be controlled through the network!
3. The memory card adopts TF card, which is small and convenient!
4. The motherboard adopts the mainstream typ-c interface, which can be connected in both directions!
5. The motherboard supports Marlin2.0 firmware!
6. The DIWEN display does not support the replacement of 32 bit motherboards, because the screen firmware cannot be refreshed, and it needs to be replaced with a TJC screen.
7. If your 3D printer is an integrated motherboard, you cannot replace the 32 bit motherboard because the screw holes do not match.
8. After replacing the 32 bit motherboard, you need to flash the firmware. Please contact customer for firmware.