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Full Color Touch Screen for Tenlog Dual Extruder 3D Printer

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Serial Number on the back of LCD Screen

You need to open the host case and find the serial number on the back of the LCD screen

Size Serial Number Resolution Used for
4.3inch TJC4827X343_011N 480*272 TL-D3 Pro/D5/D6
TJC4827X343_011 480*272 TL-D3 Pro/D5/D6
TJC4827X243_011 480*272 TL-D3 Pro/D5/D6
DMG8048C043_03WTR 800*400 TL-D3 Pro/D5/D6
3.5inch TJC4832K035_011 480*320 Hands 2/Hands 2 Pro
TJC4832T135_011 480*320 Hands 2/Hands 2 Pro
DMG4832C035_03WTR 480*320 Hands 2/Hands 2 Pro

TJC is V1, DMG is V2

Please confirm the version of your screen to avoid trouble.

If you need a special serial number screen, please write it in the remarks of the shopping cart

Build with newest UI

Full Color Capacitive Touchscreen